List of Presenters

by Travis Pickell

We look forward to hearing papers offered by the following graduate students:

  • Amey Victoria Adkins (Duke) – “Even Unto Death: The Unsolicited Immortality of Black Female Bodies”
  • Scott Bailey (UVA) – “Vulnerability: A Dogmatic and Psychological Intersection”
  • L. Patrick Burrows (Yale) – “Corpses that Matter: Grievablility, Marginalization, and the Newtown Shooting”
  • Andrew DeCort (U.Chicago) – “A Brief Argument for Loving the World in the Face of Catastrophe and Death.”
  • Deborah Galaski (UVA) – “A Separate Place? Criminal Burial in the Mishnah and the Limits of Reconciliation.”
  • Patrick X. Gardner (Notre Dame) – “Memoria Mortis: Metz and the Political Theology of Death”
  • Tim Hartman (UVA) – “The Power of the Dead Among the Living: Reckoning with Jesus as Ancestor”
  • Ashley R. Hurst (UVA) – “How to Blossom, Thrive and Die: Creating an Ethical Framework for End-of-Life Care Decisions From David Kelsey’s Eccentric Existence.”
  • Cambria Kaltwasser (Princeton Theological Seminary) – “The Priority of Death: Mortality and Self-Sacrifice in Recent Christian Ethics”
  • SueJeanne Koh (Duke) – “Saving Grace”:  Agamben, Barth, and H. Richard Niebuhr on Sovereign Power and Bare Life
  • Nathaniel Jung-Chul Lee (Baylor) – “Dasein Goes to Church: A Re-imagining of ‘Being-towards-death’ through An Ecclesial Re-novation of ‘Being-with’”
  • Brett McCarty (Duke) – “Life, Death, and IVF: Control and Contingency in Modern Medicine”
  • Russell C. Powell (Princeton Theological Seminary) – “Death and its Ecological Implications in Schleiermacher’s Theology of Consciousness”
  • Autumn Alcott Ridenour (Boston College) – “Perspectives on Human Death in Daniel Callahan, Augustine, and Karl Barth in Relation to the Ends and Practices of Modern Medicine.”
  • Cornelia Wolf Wilson (U.Chicago) – “The Ethics of Buddhist Self-Immolation in Ancient China”

For all who are not giving papers, please feel free to come and participate anyway. If you plan on attending, please email us at

See you all in a couple weeks!